Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Beautiful Wedding!

Drew & I spent this last weekend in Milwaukee, WI (Grafton & Cedarburg) for our dear friend Amy's wedding. What a beautiful event! We had a blast hanging out with everyone celebrating this special day with Amy & Michael.
Our adventures began with an EARLY morning flight from Omaha. Seriously, who is up at 3:30 a.m. in the morning? Oh, I guess the answer would be Drew, Kelli & Regina as we were making our way to the airport at the time.
Since our flights were so early, we were able to explore downtown Milwaukee. Thanks to Milwaukee Diner for a yummy breakfast! If you haven't been, I highly reccommend exploring the Third Ward district. It is very cool and has fun shops & resturants.

On Saturday, Drew & I were able to drive out to Oconomowoc (spelling?) to visit Drew's high school friend - Todd and his wife Jill and son Nathan. It was nice to catch up and have lunch.
Back to the wedding -- I think everything went fairly smoothly with the exception of the florist delivering the flowers 30 minutes late which delayed the pictures. Heather and I had a back-up plan though, so never fear Amy, you would have had flowers one way, or another. (smile!)

The service was very beautiful and touching. The officiants did a wonderful job, especially Brian's sermon. And best of all . . . Amy & Michael are now happily married! Awesome!
Stay tuned for my next upcoming adventure . . . BRAN - Bike Ride Across Nebraska.

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