Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 1: Callaway to Dunning

Let's start with a story about Mother Nature --

Mother Nature decided to have a storm last night in Callaway -- a little rain, a little lightening, a little thunder.  The clincher was around 11:30 pm when the sirens started going off calling everyone into the high school gym for shelter as a tornado had touched down SE of Broken Bow.   The bright side is that less than 30 minutes later we were given the all clear to go back out to our tents on the football field for some zzz's before our 5:00 am wake-up.

It was a good day for a ride -- cloudy and a slight breeze.  We set off from Callaway around 6:40 and made it in to Dunning just past noon.  This was my longest ride to date - 54.4 mles.  It had some highs and it had some lows.  My high was that I made it all the way up the Devil's Den hill just outside of Arnold.  For anyone that thinks Nebraska is flat, I challenge you to walk, run or pedal up that hill.  You'll quickly understand what I mean.  The reward is the beautiful view from the top.   A local gentleman was pedaling through and informed us of a geocache in the area -- had we planned differently, we could have done some caching along the way.  Maybe next time. 

My low came at about mile 40 when I hit the "mental wall" - I wasn't too excited about continuing to pedal on to finish the 54 mile trek.  Had I been given the opportunity, I might have jumped on a bus to the finish line.  Thanks to Drew for his patience in talking me through it - and his willingness to pedal at my speed. 

I truly appreciate the frequent SAG (Support And Gear) stops throughout the day.  The snacks and opportunity to fuel the machine definitely helped me make it through.  And the hospitality of the communities that we're passing through is amazing.  As the gentleman beside me in the computer lab just stated "goooood vittles"  Thanks to both Callaway and Dunning for bringing out the fine grub to feed us.

Tomorrow is a 59 mile day to Ainsworth.  It will be my new PR for distance, but will be easily surpassed by Day 3.


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Betsy said...

Miss Kelli-
So glad to see you were able to blog about BRAN!!! I'm cheering you on! It would take a miracle for me to bike 5 miles!!!