Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 2: Dunning to Ainsworth

It's day 2 of BRAN - and we pedaled 60 miles through the rolling sandhills from Dunning to Brewster to Ainsworth. It was a beautiful ride and I'm proud to say that I did not hit the wall at mile 40. I did get a little sun and my hiney is pretty tired from sitting on the saddle -- heck my whole body is tired -- but we splurged and booked a room at the local Super 8 tonight. Awesome! No rain, no BNSF coal trains going by every 30 minutes, no tent, no cold night, no packing up the wet tent in the morning, our own shower, a comfy bed, a soft pillow . . . . do you get the picture?

Tomorrow will be our longest day -- close to 80 miles. It is the longest day for the Bike Ride Across Nebraska this year. We'll head a little bit further north, then we'll head east to the town of Butte. We're going to try to get out earlier tomorrow morning (we've been getting out of town just after 6:30 each morning) Hopefully that will get us with less wind and into town at a reasonable time with the extra mileage.

One of the cool things we were able to see today was the "Nebraska Windfarm" - it made us realize if this is where the partnership of public power districts was putting in windmills, that we were pedaling through some windy territory. Lucky for us, it wasn't too bad and the cross wind helped to keep us cool.

SAG stops are still my favorite -- good time to get a quick rest, a snack and refill on the water. I have a policy of hitting everyone to make sure to fuel the machine.

I realized part-way through the day that today was Monday and that on any other normal Monday I'd be at my desk at work. Hanging out with Mother Nature or sitting at a computer all day . . . decisions, decisions as to my preference. Two more days of pedaling and I'll be back to work on Thursday cleaning out my inbox and catching up from all that I missed out on. (smile!)

I haven't done a great job at taking pictures - I'll try to get some tomorrow so that I can post them on the web. Signing off -- send positive vibes my way tomorrow. I'll be pedaling with the mantra "I think I can, I think I can . . . I know I can" going through my head.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the daily BRAN posts. My Dad is riding this year, and your updates are great. BTW, a found your site by Googling "BRAN Nebraska".

Betsy said...

Keep pedaling!!! I bet that shower and bed felt pretty good!!!