Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 3: Ainsworth to Butte

For day three of BRAN we decided to start out a little bit early - we headed out of town after a pancake breakfast just as the sun was coming up- 6:00 am. The beginning of the ride through the Niobrara valley was absolutely gorgeous! There was a mist coming off of the water that you could see for some distance, we had to stop and take pictures which I'll post when I get home.

The high of the day was hitting my fastest speed yet -- over 30 MPH going down hill. For me, it is a little scary, but it was as close to flying as I've ever been.

The low of the day was the headwind. It was over 20MPH coming at you. It was like permanently pedaling uphill. And, I have to admit, that it led to my ultimate "failure" for the day when I called it quit at Naper and took the SAG truck in the last 14 miles to Butte. I was tired, hot, sunburned and completely out of energy. I probably could have made it, but not sure what price it would have been. I guess you can say that I'm glad that I cried "uncle" and took the ride in. I need to regain my energy so that I am ready for tomorrow. We took a nap in the gym and then grabbed a bite to eat. We'll be setting up our tent soon and then crashing for the evening.

Tomorrow we'll be heading further east to then drop south into Creighton. Drew's dad is going to pick us up there so that we can head back to Omaha and back to work on Thursday.


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