Sunday, July 6, 2008

Great Long Weekend!

The weekend isn't even over and yet I'm compelled to provide an update. I LOVE long weekends! They are absolutely brilliant.

To celebrate the 4th of July - we woke up early and rode 20 miles on the Papio Trail. I had a minor mishap on my bike and scuffed my knee. Totally my error. I was going to put my water bottle back in the cage and missed. As I was stopping, I didn't get my left foot out of the clip in time and down I went. Had I not been bleeding, I might have gotten back up and kept on pedaling so that Drew wouldn't notice. But, a red knee kind of gave it away. Only surface wounds and I am totally okay. And, Drew was totally sweet about making sure that I was bandaged up.
The rest of the afternoon we spent at Drew's parents house in Council Bluffs for our annual family picnic and jello cake! It was great to catch up with everyone.
Saturday was a super eventful day - WHAT A GREAT DAY! - We met our friends Chris & Karol and Tom & Amy at the Wabash Trace Trail Head in Co. Bluffs for a 46 mile ride to Malvern and back. It was a wonderful day for a ride, the weather couldn't have been better and a super good reason to take my mountain bike out. On the way down to Malvern, we stopped in Silver City for their farmer's market - good veggies, jams, local honey & baked treats.

We were super hungry for breakfast by the time we hit Malver - we dined at C&Ms for their famous 2-2-2 breakfast. I opted for the french toast and hashbrowns with cheese! Yummy!

On our return trip we stopped at the Mineola Steakhouse for a "one and done" -- i.e. one beer. And finished off the ride with yummy snacks at the Tastee Treat.

After showers and nap time, we all met back up at the Hot Shops Art Center (13th & Nicholas) for their annual Liquid Arts Festival. It is a home brew competition for beers & wines. Yummy taste testing for our crew & cool art too! Maybe next year Chris will enter one of his home brews into the competition. To end the day we went to La Mesa for Mexican food and margaritas.

And, the super bonus is that I have one more day to play before heading back to work. I've spent some time on the computer updating the Midwest Lampworkers Guild site and now I'm going to work on some sewing projects. I LOVE long weekends!


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