Saturday, August 9, 2008

Music to my ears!

I just have to blog about a new musical artist that I've discovered in Omaha. His name is Alec Anderson . . . and if you're lucky, you can catch him playing at the Omaha Farmer's Market in downtown Omaha on a Saturday morn. I was just so lucky. He has a fabulous acoustic, folk rock, blues quality. A very talented artist that deserves to be heard.

And, I am even more stoked to report that he has agreed to come play at the opening of our Midwest Lampworkers Guild All Member Show in October! Mark it on your calendar . . . Friday, October 3rd at the Hot Shops Art Center, 13th & Nicholas in Omaha. The opening is from 6-9 pm. It will be an evening filled with good art, good food & good music.

For those that can't wait hear his sound . . . check him out at


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