Sunday, October 5, 2008

One more bag!

I just couldn't help myself, I had a cool idea and just enough time to get this bag done for the upcoming Art in the Bag benefit. I'm very excited about how it turned out. It has a bit of an edgy, Asian theme with a red dove accent.

Here is the story about the bag.

I saw an article about making bags out of placemats that intrigued me, so I went shopping and headed to my local "big box" store. My first placemat bag was a simple tote that I accented with some natural shell beads. It was quick, cute and functional, but I wanted more. Finding this table runner led to my inspiration. It has a great modern color scheme of grey, black & silver with the natural printing.

I decided on a rounded edge bottom with a little bit of a pleat to give it some depth. I embellished the bag with the red felted wool dove with mutilple stiching around it and added extra black stitching across the bands. The back is from a different section of the table runner and is mostly grey and black.

New for me was the addition of the wooden black handles. They are a litle bit cumbersome to work with simply because they are not flexible around the sewing machine, but luckily, I had just enough ribbon to attach them with. If only I had enough black thread! You guessed it, last night as I was working on it, I ran out of thread. So I finished the project this afternoon.

The inside lining is a bold red, black and white decorating fabric that I picked up at Ikea. It is a complete contrast, but the flash of red gives the outside a nice balance.

The small clutch is made from felted wool and poly felt and has a magnetic clasp to close. I accented it with similar black stitching. I thought this might be a nice piece to throw in small stuff (chapstick, change, etc.) since I didn't put any pockets on the inside. Maybe next time there will be pockets, maybe not. We'll have to see.


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