Saturday, December 27, 2008


Rel-ic: An object having interest by reason of its age or its association with the past

This piece turned out amazing! And, it was quite accidental by nature. It is a "might as well" - meaning I might as well keep playing with it becuase I wasn't liking it before and then something amazing happened!

I initially started this piece in a workshop hosted by the Midwest Lampworkers Guild at the Crystal Forge Studio. It was "ok" but wasn't quite there. So, I added more enamel and more copper wire overlay one day when Betsy was over. And, it wasn't quite there. I took it to Lincoln and added more enamel during my class at the LUX. And, it wasn't quite there. So, I decided to try a technique of adding seed beads and melting them into the piece. The beads were all placed above the hammered copper wire. Not only did they melt, but the created a reaction with the enamel throughout the entire piece. I think it might be due to the metallic coloring on the beads. The final look is very organic with swirls and depths of color. It is truly amazing how it turned out. I promise you, it looked nothing like this when I placed it in the kiln. Hopefully with more experimentation, I might be able to recreate a similar look. Or maybe even something better. Betsy and I have create day scheduled for Jan 1, if I don't get to it before then, I'll definitely try the technique while we have the kiln fired up.



Parrott Flameworks said...

WHOA! I LOVE that peice!! Gotta love those accidents! I hope you can replicate the process on your playdate this week! Happy New Year chickie!!

Betsy said...

That is just amazing when you look at it up close!!! Can't wait until Thursday!!! hehe!