Saturday, January 3, 2009


Just wanted to show off on of my new shirt. Love it! It is from Ahpeele who I discoverd on one of my Etsy surfing adventures.It is fabulous!

-I love that it is printed on an American Apparel Classic Girl shirt (just like my Trevor Hall concert shirt).

- I love how the turquoise leaves "pop" off of the olive green shirt.

- I love the the design wrap around the shirt creating front-to-back visual interest.

- I love that the Ahpeele logo is stamped on the center back.

Can you tell, I just love it!! I'm also stalling on my clean up my crap room project. (aka craft room). I've been sick for the past three days and it is time to start acting and feeling like a human again. Not that cleaning, sorting, organizing, dusting is the best "human" activity, but since there is an ice storm hitting the roads and I couldn't make it out to Betsy's for enameling day, it is a good use of my time. I took a before picture. So, if I ever finish you can see the results. Let me know if your create zone is as much a disaster as mine.


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