Sunday, January 11, 2009


The chicks are done! Mom and I had a great day sewing our new feathered friends. They made us a little stir crazy a few times, but our persistence (and a tastey lunch at Camille's) paid off.

We made a total of 8 chicks - four with hearts and four with stars - to set together in wallhangings. Mom is going to hang hers in her kitchen and mine is going to be a gift. The finished block is about 13 1/2" x 13 1/2". My next step is to pick out borders and backing so that I can start quilting it. I'm excited about machine quilting this one, it will be a good size for me to further my skills in free-motion quilting and I think the quilting will really make the chicks "pop" from their background. Especially the top 2 chicks where the beak and comb area blend more into the bckground due to the funky prints.

If you are interested in trying this block, it is from the Buggy Barn book Certifiably Crazy. The book can be ordered from Prairie Point Junction. I would definitely say that this block isn't for beginners. Try another one of the buggy barn blocks first before attempting the chicken so that you understand the concept of the fabric shuffling and how to match the pieces as you are sewing them back together. The most difficult part on the project of us was the last seem where you connect the tail feathers to the chicken body. It helped to point baste it in place to get the two points to match. On a few, I even took in the tail feathers seems a little bit to make it fit more exact.
For those that have fallen in love with the fabric. It is "Paisley Party" designed by Terry Atkinson & Liz Lois for Red Rooster Fabric. (how fitting!). Prairie Point Junction also has this line of fabric. I don't believe they are on the website, but the girls can let you know what colors/prints they still have in stock. Here is the full line from the Red Rooster website.
Now that the chicks are almost done, I can go back to my purse project. Stay tuned for more updates.
Have a creative day!


Betsy said...

ohmygosh kelli! that is darling!!! love the hearts and stars!

Unknown said...

Thanks! Drew helped me pick out border fabric. Just need to get it cut and sewn on so I can start quiting. We went with narrow blue and wide orange paisely.