Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fabric STACK

One of the items on my rather lengthy New Year's Resolution list was to start organizing my craft room. I've fondly nicknamed it my "Crap" room over the past few months due to my inability to put things away after use. As you can see from this picture, I tend to dump things in this corner and try to pretend that they don't exist. But, they do. And, it is time to start dealing with them.

I decided to tackle my project last weekend. And, I can say that I have "started" but am no where near completion of said project. I am blessed to have a room that I share with our computer for the storage of my creation stuff. My husband build me a lovely desk with storage on either side, plus I have 90% of the closet. Keep in mind this is only my fabric and scrapbooking and other miscellaneous supplies. My yarn stash is taking up a good portion of the spare bedroom closet and my enameling, lampworking and newly started silversmithing tools are located in a completely separate area in the basement. (that is a blog for another day).

One problem that I have is that I've purchased or received as gifts some fabulous scrapbooking totes (yes they are buried under the "stuff" in the corner. The problem I've identified is that I don't have a good place to store them in between scrapbook retreats. Hopefully in reorganizing how/where I store things I can solve this problem. Or at least come to terms with it.

The bright side of my few hours spent starting my sorting project, is that I was able to bring together all of the wonderful fabrics that I've been collecting since inspired by the Art in the Bag benefit. First I must state that this fabric pile is NOT the result of one shopping spree, but the accumulation of many from Prairie Point Junction to J Caroline Creative to Mangelsen's to the "big box" fabric shops. But isn't it beautiful! Lots of pink (I think that is because I am thinking items for breast cancer awareness), but there are loads of other fabulous colors as well including greens and orange and teal and browns . . . you get the picture.

You might be asking, what is to become of this lovely Fabric STACK. Well, I'd love to let it sit and become a piece of art in my create space, but that isn't realistic. Eventually I'll want ot add more fabric and then I'd run out of room in my pile. So, I am going to make some fun bags, headbands, coffee wraps and tissue covers with these beautiful cottons. Check back often to see how I progress. I might even have a fabulous give-away in a week or two where you could WIN one of my creations.

Time to sign off. My mom and I are going to work on sewing chickens today. I need to get down the road to pick up our yummy vanilla carmel latte's at Scooters.

Have a creative day!

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