Monday, January 11, 2010

5 Miles to a 1,000

Can I do it . . .

Do I have it in me . . .

Can I stay motivated . . .

Can I find (or make) the time . . .

It's worth a shot.

I realized that I have yet to pick a 1/2 marathon to run this year. I have one picked out for 2012, but nothing is standing out as a "must do." But, I realized that even though I don't have a running goal, maybe I should have a pedaling goal. My goal, is to see how close I can get to 1,000 miles on my bike. The miles will add up on both my trainer indoors as well as the miles that I put on my bikes outdoors as well.

Here are a few events to look forward too:
BRAN - Bike Ride Across Nebraska
2-2-2 Wabash - Cycling to Malvern, IA for breakfast and back
Mopac Trail - Omaha to Lincoln and Back

And a few other cycling events that I'll be helping to organize, but probably won't officially pedal - Rollin' to Colon and The Wear Yellow Ride.

Stay tuned, we'll see how close I can get. For now I have five miles to mark down on and 995 to go.


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