Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last weekend I attended a bead retreat at the Crystal Forge Studio with the members and guests of the Midwest Lampworkers Guild. It was awesome!

A special THANKS to Lori for coordinating such a fabulous guild event. Not only was it a great day of food & friends (or should I have listed friends before food?) But it is a great day of lampworking on the torches. I'm excited for the next one!

I worked on several new beads throughout the day that I will be working to turn into pendant necklaces. Some might even make it to my neglected Etsy page for sale.

In working with glass, I have an organic approach. I love to see what kinds of interesting swirls and reactions I can make in working with the glass. I'm also trying to work on improving technique including dot placement and shaping the beads.
My color preference is to work in earth tones, though I make a feable attempts to work in splashy colors, from time-to-time. The last photo is my least favorite bead from the day, but is definitely the brightest. I fully recognize that I need to continue to challenge myself to work in colors outside of my comfort zone.

Another thing that I like to do while working on the torch is to create areas of depth interest by layering clear glass to create windows to lower layers.

Overall, I have to admit that I probably only torch once or twice a year and it is at bead retreat. The "sad" part is that I have a full set-up in my basement that has never been connected and put into use.

The "happy" news is that will all change when we move into the new house. Drew has already scoped out plans for my new glass & jewelry studio in the basement. I can't wait to have this dedicated space with natural light, good ventilation and a concrete floor (no more fear of melting carpet)
The studio will be set up with stations that will allow me to utilize the cool tools that I have collected. I'll have an area for the torch, an area to work on enamel pieces as well as a fusing zone. I also want to set up a small jewelry bench.

The most important thing with the new space will be scheduling time to create and enjoy the new space. And, I truly mean scheduling. I'm really good at keeping obligations if I have it marked on my calendar and even better if I am planning to hang out and create with friends. So creative friends - watch out, once I have the space the invitations will be flying!

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