Monday, March 8, 2010

From Bead-tastic to Scrap-tastic!

It might be a cheezy title, but it's true.  I went from a bead making weekend to hanging out this past weekend with some great friends working on my scrapbooking projects.  We went to retreat at Camp Calvin Crest near Fremont, NE.  It is a great retreat that they have 3 times per year.  Spring/Summer/Fall.

My project of the weekend was vacations - I had a few pictures from our trip to Austin, TX to participte in the LIVESTRONG Challenge - both the run and cycling event.   These pages were super simple, my biggest challenge is going to be adding names to the black backgrounds.  Hmmm, silver pen?  Or maybe some type writer font on white paper?

The next group of photos were our Wabash Trace tour from 2009.  I have all of the pages done, except the journaling.  I need to get some words on paper to describe our fabulous weekend on the trail and to label the route.  Looking at these photos made me excited for our group trip on Memorial Day.

And, the last project I started, but have yet to finish was our trip to Iceland.  It is so awesome to be able to re-live the events and history and culture and food and weather.  I'm over half-way done with these pages and am not sure when I'll get back to it, but hopefully soon.

Guess what is this Saturday?  You've got it - Sew-tastic!


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