Sunday, April 4, 2010

948 Miles to Go . . .

A dual pedaling weekend and the realization that I have 948 miles to go to make the 1,000 mile mark.  I'm not one for statistics, especially in this instance where the pendulum is swung towards the start line, it seems a bit overwhelming.

But, it is good to have goals for motivation.  This goal was set with the sole intent of reducing my "anchor" potential on group rides.  I can somewhat hold my own until I see the long hills.  I am intimiated by them and due to lack of leg strength I typically feel like I want to a) give up  b) barf or c) pass out when I reach the crest.  A hills saving grace can be the subsequent downhill, assuming that the crest does not reveal another up.

Leg strength is what I need and time and ongoing strategy in my cross training will prevail.  I hope.  Lucky for me, tomorrow is a day of rest.  Unfortunately for me, we have an appointment to have our taxes done.  Wish me luck on both ventures.


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