Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I joined the MAFIA!

I did it!  I really did it!

I've always admired the community and creative spirit of the Omaha Craft Mafia.
I've been a fan of their work for some time.
Simply an observer . . . from the outside.

But, now I am a member.  How cool is that!  Thank you Ellene for inviting me to come explore my creative side.  I continue to meet amazing women - I love it!

Tonight we had a craft night where we explored the use of screen printing with a product called PhotoEz.
Very cool, light sensitive product that makes reusable screens in a matter of minutes.
I ran out of time to make screens from my own designs, but I did purchase a pre-made screen that I had fun using.  The attached photo shows the screen on the right and my blue print on grey linen-like fabric on the left.  

The fabric is actually the remanents of a table runner that I previously cut apart for a tote bag.  After we saw the lines and layout, this would make a good bag clutch bag, or strap bag with a folderover flap.  I had a small bit of ink get on the fabric past my tape line, so I'll either need some creative stitching, or an additional embellishment, but I'm sure I can think of something.  (smile!)

I can't wait to try some printing with some other designs.   I think some of the logos for Wear Yellow Nebraska would be cool - I could use Drew's power crab.  Or, possibly a bicycle from the Rollin' to Colon logo?  Options, I've got options. 

I'll keep you posted on the progress of this bag.  I think this might be a fun candidate for one of my Art in the Bag donations.



Betsy said...

next time you go play, you have to let me know! I love the screen print!

Ellene McClay said...

these turned out gorgeous kelli!!