Sunday, November 7, 2010

Got it!

My friend Julie is one of those wonderfully creative and sharing people.  It isn't always kind on my craft addictive personality, but I love her for it anyway.  She's the one who convinced me after several years that I'd love scrapbooking.  Yep, lots of paper, stamps and embellishments later I can claim to be a scrapbooker.

For sometime she's been telling me how wonderful wool felt is.  She sells a truck load (or two) of it at her  online shop Wool Felt Central.  I have been hesitant and even skeptical as to what I would possibly want to make out of wool felt.  The key word is what I would want to make.  I could see what others were making in admiration from penny rugs to candle mats to crazy monsters.   So, I bought a sample stack of wonderful wool colors, just in case.  I've had it for a while now, If I were to make a guess, I'd says it is adding up to years.  And, I hadn't really thought of anything that I wanted to make. 

I finally got it!

I needed something practical that I could use in my daily life.  A coffee cover-up!  Or "It's a wrap."  Perfect.  I can take it to my favorite coffee shops and utilize this new decorative and required item (who wants to overheat their hand while carrying coffee?)  It is environmentally friendly as I won't be throwing away cardboard sleeves that were only utilized for a few hours while I slowly enjoyed my cup of java or carmel latte or . . . hmmm, now I want coffee.   I think you're getting the point.

So, now I'm addicted to wool felt.  Not just for coffee wraps, but I'm going to make a funky cover for my ipod.  And, of course I'd love a little key chain where I can stash a credit card or gift card while I'm on the go.  Thus I have two new piles of wool felt and I need to get online and order MORE!

Thanks Julie! for sharing the wonderful world of wool felt with me.


Julie said...

Would it be appropriate to say, "Told ya so." Hee Hee. Knew I could get you hooked on yet one more crafty medium

Lavanah Judah said...

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