Monday, January 2, 2012

Organized & Chaotic - BALANCE

I've been spending some time in my "create room" organizing and contemplating some cleaning.  To be honest, as there are frequently too many exciting ideas going on in my brain, I do have a tendancy to BOUNCE from one area to another.  In some respects it might look live I've gotten nothing accomplished, but in reality positive change has occurred. 
On this particular morn, I was able to get one PART of my room organized.  The featured goal was to take my collection of beads and better separate them into artistic categories - mostly by color of the bead, but in some instances it was by type of bead.  The bins were labled utilizing my favorite organization tool aka the labeler.  It is the most brilliant gift I've received.  I remember when opening it a few years ago at Christmas, I thought I would NEVER use it.  But on the contrary it is frequently humming with this new label or that new lable.  Check out the results.   Who wouldn't want to come creating in this space and start creating?

Well, if you think it is too organized and that it might stifle your creativity, never fear I have an unorganized section of the room just for you.  I'd like to say that I'll start sorting through this space later today, but the reality of that opportunity is pretty small.  I'd rather work on the new necklace on my bead board as well as get ready for date night to the movies with my husband. 

For those who are curious as to what the "heap" of stuff looks like in the other part of the room.  Have no fear as I snapped this photo to show one of my many next organizational projects.  This is the zone where I primarily work on quilting projects. This kitchen cabinet has lots of counter top space that is at the perfect height for cutting and staging quilting projects.   

(note:  The stack of canvasses in the corner is for a future create night with my 2% group.  I'll have to make sure to snap pictures of our works of art.  They are going to be awesome!)

Well, enough organizing for one day, time to go CREATE some pretties.


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