Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Enchanted Lotus

Sometimes you have a beginning, you just start and aren't quite sure the destination of your journey.

This painting was one such journey. I just started to paint.

And I added layers.  And more layers. And I turned it sideways.  And then back again.

The background through this process slowly evolved.  And I added more details and color.  And shimmer.  There is a subtle glow to this work.

For those curious, I work predominantly in acrylic paint, spray paint and spray inks with metallic or paint markers.  I like to incorporate mixed media when it makes sense, but for this piece, additional papers did not speak to me.

From this phase I knew I needed something else. 

As I was driving around Omaha one day, I noticed a sign with the stylized image of a lotus blossom.  This sent me to the internet where I found some of the most inspirational and serene photos. So beautiful!  Try a search for yourself.  The images took me back to some wonderful parks that Drew and I had stopped in on a vacation to Minnesota with lily pads and a trip many, many years ago to Monet's Giverny.

The end result was the incorporation of this image on my background.  Thanks t consultation from Drew, Dori and Missy, I also realized to create the balance, I added the smaller pod.

I am really quite pleased with the end result of this 24" x 36" canvas.  I had been working more on 16" x 20" pr smaller, but this piece has helped me to explore larger spaces.  I might be hooked.

Here are some more detailed photos - enjoy the close ups.

Now hopefully someone will adopt it into their home or business.


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