Saturday, April 25, 2015

Finishing the unfinished

I am a quilter.  I am also, or can be a procrastinator.  I recently found two perfect examples of this combined talent of quilting and procrastination.

Project #1

This is a New York beauty wall hanging that I sewed at the very first Quilting on the Prairie Retreat for Prairie Point Junction.  I have had the top done since the retreat, but have been intimidated by the thought of quilting it.  

Solution, have someone else quilt it for you.  I will be mailing this off soon for the fabulous Julie Linn to work her magic. 

Project #2

This project is one of my favorite quilts to date.  This quilt has been safely store away since 2006 from another Prairie Point Junction retreat.  I think I thought I had a LOT of sewing left to complete it.  So I didn't take it out of its safe place.  But wheni did, to my surprise all I had remaining was the outside border.  It took me an hour to finish this quilt.  

So, procrastination allowed this project to remain unfinished for 9 years to only require 1 hour of my time to complete it.  Why?  Why? Why? I don't know, but am super excited to have it done.

And super excited that Betsy was willing to quilt it for me.  I just need to make sure it doesn't take me another 9 years to bind it.

Project #3

This is a quick charm tote bag. I had the front and back pieced for a while, not exactly sure the vintage.  But it took an evening to quilt and assemble it so that I could donate it to the upcoming Legendary Raffle for the Wear Yellow Nebraska fundraiser.    Love the look!  And, lucky me I found about 5+ other tote bags that I have started but not finished.  

Hopefully this trend of finishing UFO's continues.  Wish me luck! 

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