Sunday, April 26, 2015

I will remember

Thanks to the OKC team for an awesome 1/2 Marathon today and for ordering up some cool temps for run time.

For anyone considering the Oklahoma Memorial Marathon - this is a definite must!  The volunteers are awesome, the course is well marked, and there are plenty of hydration stations to keep you energized.

Gorilla Hill lived up to its reputation - it was fun to see the humans in banana costumes having a good time.

For my level of training, I was pleased with my final time of 2:35.  Mile 12 and the hill there was my only "really" meant as if it were a sick joke.  It wasn't that the hill was that bad, it was just that my legs were becoming tree trunks and my spirit was ready to cross the finish line.

OKC thanks for the memories, I hope to come back and run again sometime soon.

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