Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ready to run OKC!

We had a great idea, to run the Marathon RELAY at the Oklahoma Memorial Marathon.  The idea was great, is great, our failure point was in not recruiting the remaining running mates to complete the team.

So, change of plans, I am now running 13.1 and Bill is going to take on the 5k.  This is customer bonding at its finest.  We already have plans to raise a glass of cheer post race.

When we signed up, I did not realize that it was the 20th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.  A terrible tragedy of human life.  Of innocents.

I remember when I lived in Ireland in '97-'98 of being asked "what it was like" and "how my life had changed" and I don't know that I had a great answer.  I know that I did not live in fear.  I know that I realized the importance of living.  And of reduction of conflict, but yet allowing individual opinions to be. A difficult balancing act.  I don't have to agree with your opinion, or your beliefs, but I do have to be willing to listen.  And I do have to be willing to speak when what you believe harms another.

Tomorrow, I will run to remember.  Those not only in Oklahoma City, but those in senseless events all over the world whether it be by act of man or act of nature.  And I will smile as I cross the finish line for my accomplishment and my ability to love and move forward.  And to continue to be a change agent and to help in the lives of others through my own personal talents.



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