Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I'm not gone, I've just been busy

Radio silence?
Or just silence on the blog . . .
Don't worry folks, I've been chattering, simply not chattering over here.
My recent pots have been on Facebook and Instagram, so don't forget to follow me there.
What have I been doing, you might ask?
Well, here is the answer.
October is a wonderfully fulfilling month for me as I particpate in the Midwest Lampworker's Guild annual gallery event at the Hot Shops Art Center in Omaha and help lead our service project effort - Art in the Bag benefitting the Beads of Courage program at Omaha's Children's Hospital and Medical Center.   
This year's show theme was "Follow Your Art" and I am delighted with how my work displayed.
Drew helped me to create a unique table out of an old door from his Grandmother's Farm House and my works allowed me to explore the new jewelry techniques that I learned while on my "La Dolce Vita" trip this summer.
The photos were an added bonus as they were some of my psuedo-micro photography of flowers.  I didn't get a price listing on them, so I don't think that gallery viewers actually knew they were for sale.  Guess that just means I can hang them up at home and remember my trips to Scotland and Italy this year.
What's next?  Stay tuned as I am determined to work on some of my sewing UFOs, plus I'm getting ready for two holiday shows at Smiling Turtle Art Spot in Omaha.
Thanks for the artistic support, it makes my creative soul blossom! 

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