Monday, January 18, 2016

Day 15-17: Hibernate and Create

What a wonderful weekend!   I must first confess ... that I was not creative on Friday.  I'm sure I did some creative problem solving at work (of course) but really no other activity that would warrant qualification as an entry challenge in #hibernateandcreate

I had a good reason though - I spent Friday evening and much of Saturday hanging out with my two dear friends - Amy & Regina.   

Saturday I used some of my creative time to prep beads for the Girl Scouts Sunday ArtVenture program.  ArtVenture is a program where Girl Scouts are paired with local artists in a variety of mediums to learn creative skills.  Anything from painting, to ceramics, to glass to, photography and jewelry.  The girls are able to make something for themselves and then work collaboratively on a piece that is a part of an auction with funds going to Girl Scouts.
I am a first time art instructor for this program.  (aka the newbie)  I have several artist friends who participate on a regular basis, so I was excited to give it a try.    Plus, it gave me a reason to make sure my studio was picked up!

Speaking of picking up - for Christmas I was given this cool stainless steel peg board to hang my tools from.  Drew was so very kind to intall it to make sure that it was level.  I love how it looks in , plus it gives my tools a happy home to hang out on when not in use that is NOT just sitting on the work bench. 

Sunday was Girl Scout day - I had the pleasure of working with Anna and Michaela (Lauren will hopefully be joining us next weekend).  I started by teaching the girls wire wrapped loops to make beaded chain.  This also became their homework for the week - to practice and to make the chain for their hammered soldered pendants.
Next I took the girls into the studio and taught them the basics of forming the shape, hammering and soldering.  These pendants are very organic, so they are very forgiving and a great project for folks who have not worked with metal or solder. 
I was so impressed, the ladies were very quick learners and very eager to make their own designs!  Each successfully completed a pendant for their necklace.
We'll reconvene next Sunday where I am going to show them how to make a stamped solder pendants and we'll also work on our collaborative piece for the auction.  We've decided that we should use black & red beads with some sparkle.  The girls are going to sketch some ideas plus reasearch some on Pinterest so we'll be ready to go next week.  

After the girls departed, I worked on some more copper hammered hearts to make into necklaces.
I only got as far as applying the patina, but with a little steel wool action this week, they will be ready to get wired up.

It was a lovely weekend of friends and creativity.


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