Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Day 4: Hibernate and Create

I accomplished more on day 4 then I initially thought that I would.  I had a case of the "lazies" when I got home from work.  But after dinner, a little tv and the encouragement of my husband, I made it to the craft room.

I finished this lovely necklace that I had started over the weekend.  It features hammered copper rings, pearls and Czech glass.  The colors in this photo are a bit off due to the evening lighting in my craft room.  I'll have to try to get a better picture of it.  The czech glass provides somewhat of a  chameleon quality to the piece depending on what colors itis up against - pink, mauve, almost peach. 

The next project I worked on was a to start the road map for some of the charms I had received in Italy at the La Dolce Vita retreat.  Rather than having as individual bobbles, I wanted to bring some of them together into a wearable.  Lucky for me the set of charms Cheryl gave us had lots of beautiful copper which set the tone for the color pallet.  She also made us each a lovely lampwork bead and selected this beautiful dove pendant!  Thanks Cheryl!  The copper is an added bonus for my project since it is a perfect match for my squished penny of the Colloseum. (Did you know I have an addiction to souvenir penny squish machines?)  I also found a lovely button from my Grandma Evelyn's collection to add in on the opposite side.  

Next step: wire wrap the components. 

4 days down, 28 to go!
~ K

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