Friday, January 13, 2017

Hibernate & Create Prizes!

For this year's Hibernate & Create challenge I reached out into my network of creatives and asked for motivation donations.  My friends did not hesitate to say YES!

Here are a few of the wonderful prizes that have been incenting the group throughout the month.

A huge thanks to Julie Paul for this lovely scarf that is on it's way to Kathy G. in Buffalo, New York.  The colors will look so gorgeous on her.

This stunning pair of lampwork earrings made by Margie Shanahan are on their way across town to Judy V.  Yes, Margie made the floral detail out of glass on her torch.  they are simply breathtaking!!

And since yesterday was a "ice day" in Omaha and I was working from home, I added a Bonus Day prize of one of my "Lead" series necklaces.  It's a Swarvoski ensemble of sparkle to inspire you to chart your own course!   

And the winner is . . . Margie Shanahan! 

For those that are curious as to how the random winner is drawn, here is my process.
I type everyone's name in a spreadsheet in the order that they appear in the group at the time of typing.  I then assign each a number.  And for the very most important step, I then use an online random number generator to pick the winner.  Voila! 


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