Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The next step

My last post was about moving forward and launching the Hibernate & Create website.  It's launched!  It's an ever-evolving website as I develop the content and site structure.  It's been exciting to see the new platform to connect and inspire creatives!    And it's only in it's infancy.

What's next?   The next step.

The next step will be working to move my DegreesbyKelli brand to it's own home.  A cute little web home all of it's own.   I've loved having it here at; but when I think about brand identity, it is a little confusing to say artistically that I am DegreesbyKelli but that you should go to to learn more about my art. will still have a place; but it will be more about my personal adventures, maybe some "deep thoughts" and definitely a space to share about Squeaky Milo.

Carry on friends - I'll be working on the new website.

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